Cheap Vape Batteries


Cheap Vape Batteries

Well, what’s left to say that hasn’t been said already in the title alone. Cheap vape batteries are, well, cheap. They’re not only cheap but there is an abundance of them all over the vape market with even cheaper counterfeits circling around. The reason for that is because most businesses look to turn cheap products into a high-profit turnaround.

This is extremely bad for vapers because it leaves them open to all kinds of problems. Problems like being conned into purchasing overpriced batteries that really aren’t that great. They’re basic, as in average performance, nothing particularly great. Plain wrapped, as in the wrappings are made with cheap material that strips easily and has simple typewriter text that only indicates what size and capacity the battery is. Low quality, as in the cells are made with cheap materials that don’t really offer any protection. And they have very short life spans, as in you won’t get much from a full charge so you’ll have to continue to charge them over and over throughout the day and will eventually need to replace them after just a few months. But that’s not all folks, they also pose serious safety concerns since they aren’t particularly made for vape devices. That is where Lithicore Tech batteries come in.

Lithicore Batteries are Fully Insured and Safe

They’re not only designed specifically for vaping but are manufactured from the inside-out with top quality materials and 4 levels of protection you won’t find in any other battery. The batteries are tightly wrapped with top quality PVC material that is both strong and smooth to the touch. Their insulator rings are made with plastic instead of paper, so they don’t damage easily with possible fluid contact. The battery is unparalleled when it comes to performance giving you longer life per charge and longer life cycles. All of that goodness is then topped off with full liability insurance, in the case that you happen to stumble upon a defective battery. What more can you possibly ask for in a battery? All I’m trying to say is do your research, don’t put yourself in a bad situation and as always, vape safe!

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