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Vape Batteries and Charger

Vape Batteries and Charger

You may think that after you got yourself a mod and the batteries for it you’re in the clear to making huge clouds. Although it’s a good start, you’re still not entirely ready to get going. Remember, the Lithium Ion batteries that your mod requires are rechargeable. That means you have to get your hands on a charger to get them back to full capacity before using them again. You don’t want to be left chasing clouds but holding your mod with no power. Now, because vape batteries come in all shapes and sizes, the chargers for vape batteries must also be able to hold and charge batteries of all shapes and sizes. So read carefully on which chargers will hold your specific sized batteries.

So read carefully on which chargers will hold your specific sized batteries.

What is the best Charger for Vape Batteries?

Chargers not only hold different size batteries like 18650, 21700 and 20700, they also hold different amounts of batteries. Typical chargers will hold anywhere from two batteries, to four, with some behemoths holding up to 8. And just like choosing the right battery for your mod is important, choosing the right charger is as equally crucial. Do your research before making a final decision. Not all chargers have the same features and not all batteries come with the 4 levels of protection that Lithicore batteries have so they won’t protect you from cheap chargers. Some chargers will charge your batteries quickly while some will have you sitting all day waiting for the cows to come home. Some chargers come with displays that indicate if your batteries are fully charged, with some showing a great deal more like voltage, time remaining, amperage and milliamp hour output.

The important thing you should consider when looking for a charger is safety. I highly suggest you look for chargers with short circuit protection as well as reverse-polarity, overheat protection and overcharge protection. Sounds like a lot to ask for but those safety features are undoubtedly worth it. As always, safety is the number one priority so vape safe!

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