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Vape Mod Batteries

What is the best battery for mods? Before you ask that question, you must understand what a mod is. A vape mod is a mechanical vaping device larger than your typical vaping pen. Think of a vape pen on steroids aka a “modified” vaping pen. Now, because it’s larger, it requires a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery to energize it and heat the coils enough to turn your juice into clouds. After all, the mod can’t power the heating mechanism without a battery and can’t produce the huge clouds your vaping heart desires. Typical mods have a compartment for a single battery or multiple, that really depends on what model and size mod you are using. Now here is the important part of the conversation. Not all vape batteries are created equal and choosing the right battery will determine how well your mod will run. Not all mods require the same size batter either so please read carefully on what size battery fits your mod. You obviously want a top-quality battery to give you a top-quality vaping experience. But be careful, you also want a safe battery you can rely on to trust it won’t explode in your face. Most battery manufacturers don’t produce rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries made specifically for vaping. When it comes to a top-quality, safe and rechargeable battery, no other brand compares to Lithicore Techs fully insured vape batteries. They not only manufacture top-quality batteries but manufacture the most powerful Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries with the safest features. It’s the best of both worlds. With Lithicore Tech batteries you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best batteries to power your mod, giving you the best performance, biggest clouds and best experience. And isn’t that what all vapers are really looking for? So choose wisely vapers!

Lithium Batteries

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