What are good Li Ion batteries, aka vape batteries?

What are good Li Ion batteries, aka vape batteries?

The struggle is real! At least that’s what the misinformed will lead you to believe. But, then again, what are good rechargeable batteries to use on your vape devices and mods? It seems like it may be a difficult question to answer but as I have mentioned several times previously, most manufacturers will claim their vape batteries are the best but you should definitely do your research on all Li Ion batteries before purchase.

You wouldn’t want to risk a cheap and over-rated battery causing property damage at your home or worse, cause harm to yourself or others just because you decided to go with a battery that cost you a buck less. This is actually a common occurrence in the vape industry since a large percent of vapers leave batteries charging unattended while they charge. Then again, who wouldn’t? They don’t exactly take 10 minutes to charge to full capacity.  Typically, an 18650 3000mah will take anywhere between 3 to 4 hours to fully charge and not everyone has the privilege to sit around and babysit their batteries while they charge.

But what exactly makes vape batteries bad, good, or the best?

It all really comes down to how the batteries are designed and manufactured. Because, as you may already know, not all batteries are manufactured the same and just because you purchased your batteries at a vape shop doesn’t necessarily mean they are good vape batteries or even meant for vaping. Most of the batteries you find in vape shops come from a manufacturer that makes batteries that are not designed for vape devices at all and are actually meant for devices entirely different than vape devices, like flashlights or small toys. I’m not sure about you but that doesn’t sound too safe to be using near your face on a daily basis. Only one company manufactures batteries that are designed for vaping that you can consider to be good vape batteries or great vape batteries. That company, of course, is Lithicore Tech. They manufacture their batteries from the inside-out with top quality materials and do not cut corners when they make them. That means from the cell shell to the insulator ring and even the wrapping, their batteries are made with the best materials and made specifically for vape devices. Not only are they made with great quality but they are also made with 4 levels of protection you won’t get with any other battery manufacturer. And that, my friends, is the key on deciding what makes batteries good and what makes batteries great. Safety is and will always be the main concern when using Li Ion rechargeable batteries. So much so that several vaping supplies websites will add a page dedicated entirely to educating vapers on the importance of battery use and battery safety.

Most incidents vapers experience with Li Ion batteries are easily avoidable. They are usually caused by the vaper loosely carrying the batteries in their pant pockets or pocket purse and then come in contact with metal conductive objects like pocket change or car keys. In doing so, it creates the battery to short circuit which then causes the battery to explode or vent. And now they have to spend so much more money on medical bills from the burns they received, the pants or purse it destroyed and possibly much more. You can avoid those types of situations altogether by not carrying them in areas that tend to have metal conductive objects. Luckily, all Lithicore batteries come in protective plastic cases or cardboard cases that reduce the chance of an incident from happening. Unfortunately, not all incidents are avoidable or even at fault of the vaper. That’s why all Lithicore batteries are insured in the US and Canada. In the case of a faulty battery venting and causing harm and damage, Lithicore insurance covers up to $2M for property damage and bodily injury. But what exactly are the 4 levels of protection the Lithicore batteries are made with? Good question.

The first level of protection is the Current Interrupt Device Protection, also known as CID Protection. That is a pressure valve that will disable the cell permanently if the cell pressure is too high, like if the battery is overcharged. The second level is Pressure, Temperature, and Current Protection, also known as PTC Protection. The PTC Protection will inhibit or prevent high current surges and protect against high-pressure and overheating. The third level of protection is the Vent Protection. Simple enough, Vent Protection is venting at the top of the battery that will spew the toxic chemicals, from within the cell, like Ether instead of exploding. Lastly, each Lithicore battery has Separator Protection which mechanically separated Anode and Cathode within the cell allowing the maximum ionic conductivity of the Lithium Ion containing Electrolyte. Separators deeply impact cell production, performance, life and most importantly safety and reliability.

How’s that for safety? Now, what about the performance of the batteries? Does the rechargeable Li Ion battery you purchased have superior performance to the rest of the batteries available to you? Well, if you have the right equipment, you can actually test the batteries to see if they actually put out the performance the manufacturer advertises. You will be surprised and disappointed in how many manufacturers inflate their performance numbers. Again, lucky for you, Lithicore accurately rates all of their batteries as to not underachieve when the batteries are put to the test. Everything from the capacity and the milliamp hours to the continuous discharge rating and max pulse rating, Lithicore advertises and rates their batteries accurately and does not overrate to try and impress buyers. And they do so on each of their 6 models of batteries. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Lithicore has 6 different models you can choose from to fill all your tech needs. Let’s start with the 18650 2500mAh battery. A dependable, amazingly functional 18650 battery that offers a higher discharge, and at an affordable price. It comes in at a 20 Amp continuous discharge current and tops out at a 35 Amp max pulse. Impressive. Now we move over to the most popular model on the market, the 18650 3000mAh battery. This is easily Lithicores top-selling model and comes in with a continuous discharge current of 20 Amp and tops out at a 35 Amp max pulse. A great choice for hard-hitting devices. Still a part of the family, the 18650 3500mAh is the highest capacity of the 18650’s and gives you longer battery life.

What more do you want from your 18650? Moving away from the 18650’s we get to the 26650 battery with a 4250mAh. This behemoth has a continuous discharge current of 25 Amps and a max pulse of 50 Amps. If your device is fit for a 26650, you won’t find a better battery than this. Now we get to the tall boys of the Lithicore family, the 21700 and the 20700 rechargeable Li Ion batteries. Let’s start with the 21700 3700mAh battery. This bad boy pumps out a continuous discharge current of 25 Amps and tops out at a max pulse of 40 Amps and still won’t sacrifice performance. Whoa! Lastly, we get to the large 20700 2950mAh. This go-to battery comes in with a continuous discharge rate of 30 Amps and a max pulse of 40 Amps. If you haven’t done your research or if you haven’t tested the current batteries of the market, then you might think those numbers are relatively low.

But as I mentioned earlier, Lithicore accurately rates every single one of their batteries and doesn’t over-rate their batteries like other battery manufacturers. Over-rated batteries and cheap counterfeits flood the vape battery market so to ensure that every Lithicore battery is fully authentic, each battery contains a scratch code that can be verified through their website. They do that to make it easier for battery users to be able to distinguish if the battery you purchased is authentic or if you happened to stumble upon a counterfeit or rewrap.

Doesn’t it seem like Lithicore really goes out of its way to make things so much safer and easier for vapers?

What more would you ask for in a manufacturer? Mind you, Lithicore batteries aren’t only used for vape devices and mods. They can be used in many ways and with any device that requires rechargeable Li Ion batteries. They can safely be used to create battery packs if you’re attempting to power much larger devices like electric bikes. More and more toys and drones now require rechargeable Li Ion batteries to power them as well. Flashlights, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, fans and even power banks, the list of technology that can be powered by Li Ion batteries is endless. But using Lithicore batteries for those devices means you can vape and power any of your devices that requires a rechargeable Li Ion battery with a peace of mind and knowing that the battery inside your device is the safest you can possibly use. As always, do your research before you spend your money.

I assure you, Lithicore is the top of the market. Vape safe!

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