JBD BMS (Battery Management System ) 12V 4S – Bluetooth


Max continuous charging/discharging current: 200A/200A

Standard operating temperature: -30~75 °C

3~4 String batteries are protected in series

Integrate hardware protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit

A variety of working modes, when the protection board is in a static state, it can delay entering sleep to achieve the purpose of reducing power consumption.

Works great with LiFePO4 Cells.

This model of BMS can not be put in series or parallel.

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JBD 12V 4S Battery Management System 200A is an intelligent protection board solution specifically for small energy storage batteries, street lights,12V Lead-acid for lithium battery and other products.The product is good for solar power, RVs, electric wheelchair, LEV, monitoring, telecom tower, wind power, home solar, solar streetlights, E-bikes, motor homes, off-grid living, golf carts and much more.Shipped from Houston, TX

General Specification

  • Operating Voltage: 9.2V to 15V
  • Max Continuous Charging/Discharging: 200A/200A
  • Charger Voltage: 14.4V
  • Internal Resistance: ≤ 10 mΩ



Over(dis)charge protection: When the battery is (dis)charging, the voltage continues to decrease/rise. When the protection board detects that the voltage of any cell is lower/higher than the over(dis)charge protection value, the protection board immediately starts timing. When the time reaches the over(dis)charge protection delay, the protection board outputs a signal that turns off. The charge and discharge relay is turned off, the charge or discharge is cut off, and it cannot charge or discharge at this time.

  • Overcharge Protection Voltage: 3.600~3.700V (MIN~MAX)
  • Over-discharge Protection Voltage: 2.400~2.600V (MIN~MAX)

Over(dis)charge protection recovery: After the over/under voltage protection of the protection board occurs, the battery voltage will continue to drop/rise when the battery is standing or discharged. When the protection board detects that the voltage of each cell is lower/higher than the over(dis)charge protection recovery voltage, the protection board outputs a signal and turns on the charge and discharge relay. It can be charged at this time.

  • Overcharge Protection Release Voltage: 3.400~3.500V (MIN~MAX)
  • Over-discharge Protection Release Voltage: 2.900~3.100V (MIN~MAX)

Overcurrent protection: When the protection board detects that the current reaches the overcurrent protection value, the protection board starts timing, When the current duration in the loop reaches After the overcurrent protection delay time, the output signal of the protection board is turned off, Charge and discharge relay, can’t charge or discharge at this time.

  • (Dis)Charging overcurrent 1 Protection: 210~250A (MIN~MAX)
  • Charging overcurrent 1 Protection Delay Timers: 5~15S (MIN~MAX)
  • Discharging overcurrent 1 Protection Delay Timers: 15~25S (MIN~MAX)
  • Discharging overcurrent 2 protection Value: 400~480A (MIN~MAX)
  • Discharging overcurrent 2 Protection Delay Timers: 150~500mS (MIN~MAX)

Overcurrent protection recovery: After the discharge overcurrent protection occurs on the protection board, the delay reaches the set overcurrent release time, the protection board outputs a signal, and the charging and discharging relay is turned on, and the discharge can be done at this time.

  • Charging overcurrent protection recovery delay: 32S
  • Discharging overcurrent protection recovery delay: 60S
  • Short Circuit Protection Delay Time: 200~800uS (30S Recovery Delay)
  • Charging High-Temperature Protection Value: 57~63°C (MIN~MAX)
  • Charging High-Temperature Release Value: 52~58°C (MIN~MAX)
  • Charging Low-Temperature Protection Value: -8~-2°C (MIN~MAX)
  • Charging Low-Temperature Release Value: -3~3°C (MIN~MAX)
  • Discharging High-Temperature Protection Value: 85~95°C (MIN~MAX)
  • Discharging High-Temperature Release Value: 65~75°C (MIN~MAX)


Suitable For

  • Engine starting battery
  • Solar and wind power system
  • RVs
  • Off-grid living
  • Electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter
  • Golf trolley/carts
  • power tools
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Energy storage
  • Communications

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Prismatic Battery Product Warranty: 3 Years


  • Solar Systems
  • Physical Product Innovation and Engineering Projects
  • RV
  • Marine Boat
  • Motor Homes
  • Off-grid living
  • Experiment Plane
  • Electrician Project
  • Science project
  • Hardware building
  • Engineering
  • Electric Power Systems
  • Electric vehicles
  • Golf carts
  • Electric scooter
  • Electric bicycle