Vape Batteries

Best Vape Batteries

What are vape batteries?

Simply put, vape batteries are batteries that are used for vaping devices. Your device uses a battery much like a human body uses a heart-pumping power throughout the device. Sound important? It really is. Are all vape batteries the same? Well just like hearts, batteries come in different sizes, different strengths and even different qualities.

The better-quality battery the better your device functions and obviously you want the best so that your device is running at its fullest potential. What are the best vape batteries? Don’t be fooled by well-known brand names. Many manufacturers will argue that their batteries are the best for vaping but in all honesty, those manufacturers use the cheapest materials to create cheap batteries they can make the most profit on.

The true best batteries on the market are Lithicore Tech batteries.

From the cell shell to the wrapping, they are made with top quality materials you won’t get with any other manufacturer. What about safety? Most of the batteries you find at shops or online are not manufactured to be used for vaping devices and therefore are not safe to use but are sold for that purpose regardless. That doesn’t sound very safe to me. So, are there any batteries that are made for vaping devices? Lithicore Tech batteries are not just top quality but are made and designed specifically for vaping devices with 4 levels of protection you won’t find in any other battery. Battery size is also very important. Sizes range from 18650, 20700, 21700 and even 26650 but not all batteries will fit your device so make sure you are using the right size battery.

Luckily, Lithicore Tech offers all 4 sizes so whether you device requires an 18650 or 26650, Lithicore Tech has you covered. When it comes to powering your vape device, don’t settle for an unsafe, average powered battery. Get your moneys worth with Lithicore Tech batteries. The safest and most powerful batteries on the market.

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